mPATH™ recognized as one of Triad’s “red-hot startups poised for growth.”

THE BUSINESS JOURNALS (July 2023) – The diversity of the Triad’s startup ecosystem is on full display in the Triad Business Journal’s second-annual Inno on Fire special report.

mPATH™ Health was included among the region’s top  five hot startups for its novel tool to aid  patient health screenings. Read the full article here.

colonoscopy preparation

mPATH™ Doubles Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates

In a large randomized controlled trial funded by the National Cancer Institute, mPATH™ doubled the number of patients who completed screening for colorectal cancer. Patients in this study faced significant barriers to care: one-third had limited literacy and half had annual incomes below $20,000. Despite these barriers, mPATH™ was able to double cancer screening and found over twice as many patients with pre-cancerous polyps.

Reference: Miller DP et al. Effect of a Digital Health Intervention on Receipt of Colorectal Cancer Screening in Vulnerable Patients. Annals of Internal Medicine 2018.

patients need screening

Electronic Health Record Data Misses Two-Thirds Of Patients Who Need Lung Cancer Screening. mPATH™ Finds Them All.

Whether or not a patient needs lung cancer screening depends on their age, how much they have smoked, and when (if ever) they quit smoking. In one of our pilot studies, mPATH™ found over 330 patients who needed lung cancer screening. Of these patients, the Electronic Health Record only identified 35% of them as needing screening. Relying on the Electronic Health Record alone would miss two-thirds of people who could benefit from this life saving test.

Reference: Patel N et al. A Comparison of Smoking History in the Electronic Health Record with Self-Report. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2020.