Using Automation to Close Care Gaps and Empower Patients

Using Automation to Close Care Gaps and Empower Patients

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We help healthcare systems improve their performance on preventive care quality metrics.

mPATH® is an automated program that identifies individuals who need a preventive care service, provides personalized education, and connects them to needed care. We believe that healthcare shouldn’t be confined to a doctor’s office. With its cloud-based design, mPATH reaches patients wherever they are and when they want.

Closing Quality Gaps

Over half of Americans fail to receive guideline recommended care, which harms patients and healthcare organizations’ quality ratings. mPATH is a proven cost-effective solution for closing these critical care gaps.


Evidence-Based Results

mPATH is based on 10 YEARS of research, funded by highly competitive grants from the National Institutes of Health.

Over 10 PUBLICATIONS in the peer-reviewed medical literature document mPATH’s USABILITY and EFFECTIVENESS.

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If people don’t have to call a travel agent every time they want to book a flight, why do they still have to see a doctor every time they need a routine screening test?