Ajay Dharod MD, FACP
Co-founder & CIO

Dr. Ajay Dharod is a board-certified clinical informaticist and general internal medicine physician. He revels in practicing at the intersection of technology, information science and medicine as a vehicle for transforming healthcare delivery in the service of patients, providers, families and communities.

Ajay studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clemson University where he graduated manga cum laude while leading two senior design project teams to a 1st place win amongst his peers and participating in an industry Co-Op program where he witnessed theoretical engineering principles in practice through the Research & Design, Manufacturing & Production, Quality Assurance and Reliability, Sales, Customer Support and Product Sustainability phases.

Ajay elected to spend time between his engineering bachelor’s degree and future MD to explore the flow of intellectual property offering an important substrate for the connection between engineering and medicine. Ajay served as a Patent Examiner for the United States Patent and Trademark office conferring insight into the patenting and trademarking processes.  Ajay matriculated to the Medical University of South Carolina earning his MD and matched to the Wake Forest University School of Medicine for internal medicine residency where he was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha, a unique distinction amongst physicians.

Ajay was honored to serve as a Chief Resident for the Internal Medicine residency at Wake Forest after which Dr. Dharod was invited to join the Wake Forest School of Medicine faculty. As a systems-based strategic intellectual and scholar, Dr. Dharod focused his early faculty development years deeply and comprehensively understanding Health Systems Informatics and Electronic Health record architecture end-to-end while honing his academic clinical practice.

Ajay’s experience and qualifications have provided a range of expertise including developing EHR tools facilitating research, enhancing operational workflows, improving population health management, boosting quality of healthcare delivery, implementing clinical decision support while adhering to principles of data safety and healthcare data interoperability concomitantly understanding and addressing the challenges of conducting research from EHR-derived data. Dr. Dharod holds board certification in Internal Medicine and Clinical Informatics. In his spare time, Ajay derives joy from remaining physically and cognitively active through biking, tennis, wakeboarding, yoga practice, and chess.

ajay dharod